Pyne’s Preserves

When the fire of a welsh dragon met the breath-taking views of the ox mountains in Coolaney Pyne’s preserves was founded in May 2017 by Andrew and Caroline Pyne.

Pyne’s preserves is a small business that tries to bring interesting and unusual taste combinations to the population of Ireland.

Bringing a range of chilli jams. With Chili pairing with lime, strawberry and bacon. Followed with banana and banana and chocolate jam. Our ethos is to challenge peoples tastes and flavourings of preserves.

So, we created some of the most unusual flavours for preserves. The banana jam has been quoted as being perfect for the morning as it is like permanently having fresh bananas available to put on your toast.

We combine the traditional with non-traditional flavours. Like our mango and passion fruit jam and spiced pumpkin jam. The world is full of endless flavour combinations that we want to explore and bring to Ireland.

These jams are not just for putting on toast they are very versatile and can be used in sandwiches through to chocolate cakes.

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